A 2015 guide to a year of shopping: Your personal stylist

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A smart shopper's guide on what and when to buy in 2015, from workout gear to winter essentials and more. (Athleta, left, and Macy's, right)

A smart shopper’s guide on what and when to buy in 2015, from workout gear to winter essentials and more. (Athleta, left, and Macy’s, right)

The year is coming to a close. You’ve had 12 whole months to shop and fill that closet of yours, so does your wardrobe look and feel just how you want it? Do you have holes that need to be filled? Here’s a guide on what you should be buying and when this year, so at the end of 2015, your wardrobe looks and feels complete.


This is the time to hit all the ‘End of the Year’ sales. Retailers are offering deep discounts on their merchandise to make room for their next deliveries. Focus your purchasing power toward winter must-haves; cashmere, wool, jackets, boots and any of those seasonal trends you still want to try. And, of course, look for workout gear since you’re planning to get your sweat on in the new year.


 You’re still recovering financially from the holidays. And even though the first shipment of spring arrives this month, don’t get in deeper financial trouble. The weather won’t get warmer for a few months, so cool your jets and check out a couple of your favorite consignment shops to tide you over. Buy only what you can’t live without, and make sure your purchases coordinate with the rest of your wardrobe.


Spring denim is now available, and this is a good time to invest in lighter colors and denim weights. It is also the time to stock up on sunglasses. Make sure you’re buying styles that flatter your face shape and coloring.


To be prepared for all your upcoming summer events, it’s time to do some dress shopping. Check your invitations for dress codes and be sure to choose styles that fit and flatter yet allow you to sit and dance comfortably.


If you haven’t shopped for your swimsuit yet, now is the time to find that style that makes you feel confident. This is the outfit where you’re exposed the most, so so take your time and find just the right style and color and one that suits your body type. Don’t skimp on summer cover-ups. It would be a shame to cover up a great suit with an unflattering muu-muu.


Fall has arrived! This always catches shoppers off guard because July is when our weather finally starts to warm up. This is also a great time to buy boots, which have made their fall debut and may be on sale. Avoid boots that stop at the widest of your leg and focus on styles that are sleek and stylish.


It’s time to shop for denim again. First, rid your closet of styles that are worn out and uninspired. Make a list of the styles you need, such as dark skinny denim, boot cut and black ankle length. This will help narrow the search when it’s time to hit the overwhelming denim walls at the mall.


One winter jacket is never enough, especially in our climate. You’re going to want one jacket for rain, another for extreme cold and another for dressy occasions. Be careful to not hide your shape in bulky styles and try a color that brings you some cheer through our gray winters.


The year is almost done, your Christmas shopping is finished. Now it’s time for you to rest and relax in a new pair of pajamas, robe and slippers. This is an often neglected area of a woman’s wardrobe, and this time of year these items are on sale.

Happy New Year and happy year of shopping!

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