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Look for subtle color and clothes that reflect your personality when interviewing for a creative position.

Dear DahlStyle: What’s the best way to dress for an interview in the creative field?

— Anna

Anna, that’s a great question because we are taught to stay conservative with the interview outfit so what you wear doesn’t over shadow who you are or what you have to offer. However, if you showed up to an interview for a creative position in a gray suit that had no personality your lack of creativity would be doing the same damage as a foxy red dress would in an interview at a financial institution. You need to dress for the job you want.

My suggestion is to stay away from the ‘toos’: too short, too tight, too revealing, too colorful, too trendy. Don’t avoid color altogether though, color can express your creativity. But do wear colors that compliment you. And I recommend that you avoid red — it’s a powerful color that expresses passion but also anger or fieriness which may not be the right message for a first impression. Being that you’re obviously creative stick to those rules and pull together something that communicates your creativity and you’ll do great.

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Wear your white whenever you want as long as it’s not raining.

Dear DahlStyle: They are selling white denim everywhere right now ,but do I have to wait until after Memorial Day to wear it?

— Nicole

I get it ,Nicole, if you’re buying it now you don’t want to wait two months to wear it. There used to be some rule about Labor Day to Memorial Day no white denim. But now we make our own style rules, and my rule is rock a white jean anytime it’s not raining. And that’s just so you don’t rainy, muddy water stains up the back of your denim from walking in the rain. Otherwise, cold sunny day or warm dry day, rock your white denim.

I know there are many of you who are afraid to wear denim rain or shine but give it a try. White denim is so great for spring and summer. If you are worried, select a white denim in a heavier or thicker fabric and choose a straight leg or a boot cut. I feel these are the most flattering styles for white. Oh and nude panties…not white.

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Finding style and comfort is easy. Once you find style make sure it’s comfortable.

Dear DahlStyle: What is the best way to mix style with comfort?

— Jessica

This is a question I’m very familiar with. The number one need of almost every client I see is comfort. They have found comfort by wearing clothing two sizes too big, however, being that you “are what you wear” two sizes larger than you actually are is not the most flattering.

It may be easy to find stylish pieces that fit and flatter, but function is key. When you try something on you need to make sure you can move in it. I often ask my clients to touch the ground, reach in front of them and then up to the ceiling then sit down just to see if what they are wearing moves with them or holds them back in anyway.

The goal is to wear clothing that you don’t have to think about it. Nobody is comfortable in jeans that slide halfway down their bum when they sit down. And they’ll want to throw on a denim jacket that fits and contours to their body for flatter but also has stretch for comfort. They’ll have those jeans on their mind every time they sit down but won’t give the denim jacket a thought other than they want to wear it everyday.

The same goes for shoes. If you’re a mom, you aren’t going to be able to wear stilettos often. You need shoes that function, so choose shoes that are stylish but don’t kill your feet. You want style and comfort so look for style and comfort. You may need to be a little more discerning but it will pay off when your looking good and you feel comfortable.

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If you’re wearing pantyhose choose a sheer that matches your skintone.

Dear DahlStyle: Is there ever an appropriate time to wear pantyhose?


Pantyhose, you either love them or hate them. Being on the side of hate I always had to ask my clients “why.” And the most common response I get is, “They hide the flaws on my legs.” Which makes perfect sense. However there is a product made by Sally Hansen called ‘Airbrush Legs’ that sprays onto the leg evenly, drys and does all the camouflaging you need without being confined to the barriers of your support top.

Now there are a few of you that actually appreciate your pantyhose because of that magical support top. For you I would select a SHEER pantyhose that matches your skin tone as closet as possible. Never wear pantyhose with an open toe shoe be it a sandal or a peep toe. For those cases I would revert to the ‘Airbrush Leg’ and if you need some additional support then buy an undergarment for that purpose. We all use them.


Make sure to choose a nude pump that matches your skin.

Dear DahlStyle: What’s up with nude pumps, do they really go with anything?

— Felicia

The nude pump is the godsend of the shoe world. The nude pump is a neutral so it literally does goes with everything. The bonus is, it will also make your legs look longer and any time something makes you look longer, you always look leaner.

The catch, you have to wear the right nude. Like your facial foundation you can’t just grab any one off the shelf. You need a nude that matches you skin tone. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but your shoe should blend into the color of your skin. It is an injustice when you see a fair skinned maiden wearing a nude shoe that’s four shades too dark. You might as well put on a brown shoe. Match your skin tone and, yes, wear it with anything.

Thanks to all you loyal readers. I do get your questions. Keep reading, you never know when I’ll use them as a topic. Read more fashion tips and contact Sara Dahlquist at DahlStyle.

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