Fall trends show more of the same and a bit of the new

Long Beige Cardigan

Long cardigans are trending for fall, and fortunately there are styles to flatter every figure.

Fashion trends will always come and go. What’s new is their lifespan. It used to be that a trend would last a season or maybe trickle into two at most. Now many trends haven extended stays over years and then some.

The styles we spoke of last fall and this spring may still be relevant trends this fall. This is good news if you like to invest in your wardrobe. But if you get bored easily, retrends might test your patience.

Floral Goth Look

Black and gray — and Goth touches — are back for fall. (Photo: shopthetrendboutique.com)

The greys, blacks and whites we saw in recent seasons will continue to make their mark this fall.

Minimalism is here to stay, but if you want a little more drama try the Goth look, which is stepping forward with moody florals and black lace.

Plaid Poncho

Plaid is a fall staple and this poncho is a fun way to wear plaid this fall. (Photo: Zappos.com)

Leather and plaid are fall staples. Finding new ways to use them keeps things fresh. A plaid caplet jacket paired with a leather pencil skirt might be just the update your wardrobe needs. You can’t go wrong investing in leather and plaid since they always make their way back into fashion in one way or another.

Fall is a good time to take a chance on the culotte trend. This cropped and flared pant can be intimidating, but most anyone can wear them if styled properly. If you’re a first timer, pair culottes with a heel since a little height can do wonders. For fall, I love culottes with a tall sleek boot for a sophisticated chic look. Make sure your culottes fall two inches or more below the top of your tall boots and that the culottes never stop at the widest part of your leg.

Micro minis of the mod 60s continue to trend along with long cardigans of the 70s. A long, open cardigan works for most body types. It can compliment a tall and slim figure while slimming and elongating a curvy or pear shape body. The key is where the sweater stops. If you’re shorter than 5 feet 8 inches, you don’t want the length to extend past the middle of your thigh. And watch those pockets! A pocket should never hit at the widest of your hips unless looking curvier is your objective. If you have vertical real estate to spare, go for it! Floor skimming cardigans on tall women, can add drama to even the most casual outfits.

Laced Boots

Look for laces on everything from boots to flats. (Photo: Zappos.com)

You’ll see more tassels on boots and embellishments on flats. But laces dominate footwear this fall. On boots, flats and heels, you’ll see laces everywhere. This is a great option for those with challenging insteps and calves, giving you the option to loosen or tighten for the perfect fit.

For fall colors, Pantone has yet again reinvented oxblood/wine/burgundy, named it Marsala and called it ‘color of the year’. Whatever the name, it’s hot, hot, hot for fall and pairs so well with the steadfast fall palette of the greens and gold.

Don’t let the hot temperatures fool you. Fall fashions will be hitting the retail floor in just weeks. The trends may not be a dramatic change from past seasons, but adding a few new pieces and styles will go a long way to add interest to your personal style.

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