Figure flattering summer style: Your Personal Stylist

Summer trends this season can be intimidating. If you’re a plus size, they might feel closer to impossible.

To take the fear out of the fashion, you need to know what to look for in fit. Here are some professional tips to help you feel confident trying the new trends.

Orange Jumper

This Ashley Stewart jumper is made of linen that skim your imperfections. (Photo:

The jumper

This one-piece silhouette makes it easy to throw on, accessorize and go. It surprises me how often I hear, “There is no way I could wear that.”

If you want to try a jumper, make sure you’re not losing shape at the waistline and that everything hits where it should.

I love the orange Ashley Stewart jumper pictured above because the linen fabric won’t cling and will retain its shape while gliding over and hiding any bumps you might have.

The faux wrap front and waistline detail compliment a woman’s curves while drawing attention to the tiny of the waist. And the length of the shorts hits right above the knee, which is the most flattering spot to stop for anyone who’s sensitive about their legs.

When you think you’ve found the right jumper, move around in it a bit and make sure that you have complete mobility and comfort. As with any one piece, it may fit standing up but not so much sitting down.

Bold Prints

Plus sizes can pull off bold prints and the soft pant trend. (Photos:, left,, right)

Bold prints

Many full figured women are afraid of prints and think they make them look bigger. Actually, prints can do some major camouflaging magic. The right print can enhance your natural coloring and hide flaws.

Be sure to choose patterns with color combinations that flatter you. Choosing the wrong colors will distract in an unflattering way.

A dress in a uniform pattern that is uninterrupted from top to bottom no matter the length will always have an elongating and sliming effect.

Also, keep the print in proportion to your size. A small ditsy floral or a high contrast pattern will not flatter a larger frame as much as a larger and busier pattern will.

Sporty chic

The jogger or ‘soft pant’ trend is still going strong.

No matter what you’re size you want to find a jogger pant that skims your figure and falls to the small of your ankle. If you are trying pants that are blousing and bubbling out from the waistline, try a size down or a different style entirely.

You may have to try multiple styles to find the right fit, but the reward is pants that feel like your sweatpants but are stylish and on trend.

Lastly, you always want to tuck in your shirt when wearing this style. It can be a full tuck or a casual slouchy tuck, but you want to make the most of your leg length.

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

You can wear distressed boyfriend jeans if you follow certain guidelines. (Photo:

Distressed boyfriend jean

Recently we’ve seen the boyfriend jean come back. But this season you might find this style has some additional distressing. This detailing is a personal preference, but a flattering one if done right.

Look for distressing at the front of the leg and uniform in width to create the most flattering effect.

You also want to avoid the baggy style of boyfriend fit and go with a slimmer, more body-skimming silhouette for the most optimal figure flatter.

And never underestimate the power of adding a little heel height. It will always take your look to the next level as well as elongate your body line.

Open Front Jackets

Open front jackets solve a number of fashion issues. (Photo:

Open jacket

Usually a full figured woman is also blessed with a full chest, and how frustrating is it to find a jacket that won’t pull when buttoned? That’s why I’m in love with the open or draped jacket trend.

With this style you can find a jacket that falls over the chest comfortably but is not intended to close or button. This style creates a long, narrow center front visual line that is slimming and flattering.

These styles are often made in soft, stretchy fabrics, making them more comfortable.

I hope with these tips help you take a chance on summer trends. You might be surprised and find the flatter in your fit.

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