Make your wardrobe work for you with a cataloging app: Your Personal Stylist

StyleBook App

After you photograph all your individual pieces, use the StyleBook app to assemble outfits. (StyleBook)

Recently my family moved to a new house. The move offered the “opportunity” to revaluate my wardrobe. My old closet fit one season at a time, limiting my options. My new closet fit every piece of clothing I own.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, I brainstormed some options. I asked myself, “Of all the closets I’ve seen, who’s was the most organized and why?” The answer was Cher’s closet in the 1995 movie “Clueless.” Her computer generated outfit coordinator was a dream come true.

Over the years I’ve tried a number of computer apps that offer to help you style and coordinate your closet. None worked well and all the work needed to set it up didn’t pay off.

Recently I found a wardrobe app that seems to fulfill its promises. StyleBook, produced by left brain/right brain llc, can be purchased for most smartphones and tablets. I put it to the test on my own wardrobe and have found it to be the most comprehensive wardrobe cataloging app yet.

As instructed, I started with a blanket background that would help create as much contrast with my wardrobe as possible. I found that a solid red blanket worked best for me. After a short learning curve, I got efficient taking photos of my wardrobe pieces using their editing tools.

I thought the app offered too many categories, breaking your wardrobe down to styles of shirts and pants, accessories and shoes. Yet that forced me to see my wardrobe in its entirety. I discovered that I own way too many boots and booties and not enough blouses (note to self for future shopping trips).

It took four hours over a week to catalog my entire wardrobe down to my sunglasses. Then the fun started. I used their “looks” tab to coordinate outfits for occasions such as day, work, evening, formal (which will most likely remain empty), vacation and favorites.

Having my whole wardrobe visually available helped me get creative and put pieces together that I hadn’t thought of without trying everything on.

Using the “calendar” tab I can take the looks I assembled and assign them a day of the week. I usually fall asleep at night thinking of what I’m going to wear the following day. Now I can assemble a week’s or a month’s worth of outfits at a time.

When it’s time for travel, do the same with the “packing” tab.

There is also a “Style Expert” tab with articles and styling help.

Truthfully, it was a big commitment to get everything cataloged. But the reward of being able to coordinate outfits, assign them to a calendar, access expert advice and pack for trips made it worth the effort.

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