Fashion fixers for you: Your Personal Stylist

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Wouldn’t it be a perfect world if your shopping trips always netted the perfect fit in everything you tried on? Your jeans would button comfortably, your tops wouldn’t gap at the chest and the perfect shoe would be waiting for you. It’s not a perfect world, but luckily it’s an innovative one. As a personal […]

Spring trends in denim

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Facing a wall of denim can be intimidating. Facing a wall with a selection of new trends can be paralyzing. Spring denim has just started to hit the retail floor and will continue to trickle in over the next couple of months. Now is the time to get familiar with the latest trends so when […]

What is age appropriate style?: Your Personal Stylist

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If you’re an appreciator of personal style, do yourself a favor and check out the documentary “Advanced Style.” This film, inspired by Ari Seth Cohen’s blog of the same name, follows seven fashionistas over the age of 60 who challenge the conventional expectations of what style is or should be for a mature woman. The women in […]

Gift ideas for your fashionista

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The holidays are in full swing. Lights are up, trees are decorated, so how’s your gift shopping going? Do you have a few loved ones you just can’t find the right gift for? Being a fashionista myself, I understand that we’re not the easiest to shop for during the holidays. Our tastes are pretty specific, […]

Dressed and ready to party: Your Personal Stylist

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It’s holiday party season yet again. Whether you love or loathe this time of year, you still need something to wear that will make you feel festive and looking fabulous. If you’re heading to an office party or a house party on your block, you want to wear something that’s appropriate, fun and flattering. Here are some stress-relieving […]

Poncho — yes or oh, no? Your Personal Stylist

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There are some challenging silhouettes trending right now, none more of a nightmare for a style coach than the poncho. The poncho comes in all shapes and sizes, textures and cuts but there is one common element that makes this silhouette a challenge. The shape is large and blousy. I’m always telling my clients, you are […]