How to avoid a closet filled with nothing to wear: Your personal stylist

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Is your closet filled with clothes that fit, flatter and play nice with each other? (iStock) Recently I took a trip to southern Oregon to work with two very different women on closet consultations. Both women were left with more functional wardrobes and action plans for what to buy to fill the holes and connect […]

How to find your perfect holiday outfit: Your Personal Stylist Special to The Oregonian

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Check out my latest Oregonian: Your Personal Stylist Column: Is it me or does time seem to go into warp speed after Halloween? Weren’t we just dressing up as witches and superhero’s last week? Now we’re waking from our tryptophan daze to invites for holiday parties.   If you’re like me, you have a casual […]

Choosing the right neutral isn't so black and white: Your personal stylist

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Neutrals are a dominant trend this season. Blacks, grays, winter whites and oatmeals are everywhere. You may think buying black is the best way to go because “it goes with everything” but it’s not. Yes, black can be a great base to build from but black is also one of the least flattering neutrals you […]